Making drinks with an old fashioned attention to detail...

Our goal is quite simply to do lots of little things well; which means we can consistently serve high quality cocktails, with well-balanced flavours from an ever evolving menu, using fresh, seasonal ingredients and always serving with a smile..


Every day... 

We take a great deal of pride in what we do, and want everything to be as wonderful as possible for you. It's your money, your experience, and it's very important to us that you enjoy every moment of it.


We work hard to find the best possible spirit and liqueur for your cocktail or mixer, as well as the best wines and beers. This doesn't mean we always go out and buy the most expensive thing going, it means we source spirits from all over the world until we find the right one for your drink. This means we hold a huge number of different bottles, so if you're feeling adventurous you'll almost definitely find something new and exciting. And if you're favourite cocktail isn't on the list, we will almost always have the right ingredients (and hopefully the know how) to create it. We are truly passionate about creating exquisite, balanced, tasty cocktails of all types and styles, althought forgive us if we tend to lean towards the understated elegance of the classics, rather than putting glow sticks and fireworks in your cocktail. 

We squeeze all our citrus juices fresh for your drink, which will include our own hand-crafted infusions, syrups, bitters and garnishes. 

We will be pouring soda, tonic water, and coca cola from small bottles rather than soda guns, and providing you with complimentary cocktail condiments. 

Simply because we think that all these things makes your trip to Monk and your cocktail more enjoyable, and we truly relish the fine art of making drinks.


We believe that when you've experienced a cocktail made with such attention to freshness and quality, you will understand our obsession. So whether you're a local, visiting our lovely town for a holiday, or enjoying one of the towns varied Theatre and Arts festivals come down to Buxton's finest bar and share in our passion.


We look forward to meeting you,


Manachain Monaghan and Jamie Monaghan (owners/managers/barkeeps)